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TECWall- Stone/Tile Wall/Soffit Cladding System + Solid Aluminum Cladding/Rainscreen System


Location: Ontario
Provider: Sunnywei Group Inc.


Located in Concord Ontario, Sunnywei Group provides Innovative Patented Technologies for building system solutions since 2001. TECWall Prefabricated Cladding and Soffit Systems incorporate thin stone veneer, with Sunnywei Imported Stone such as Porcelain tiles (LEED) or your stone of choice to deliver a unique, time saving and reliable method for installing modern & timeless monolithic stone with easy onsite adjust-ability. Sunnywei manufactures custom Solid Aluminum Panels and works closely with Developers, Architects, Designers and Contractors to reduce building costs by using modern and efficient construction methods while being a full-service company with a strong technical foundation.


Yi Zhou - Master of Engineering, U of T, Registered P.Eng - Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta | Merrick Frieberg - BA, York University

Presentation Summary (1 hr):

• TECWall Cladding System explained

• How TECWall compares to and how it can be substituted for ASTM 1242

• Talk about our Patent and it's proprietary benefits

• Award winning accolades

• Real Examples of Application (Toronto and Ontario)

• Technical Install information (Anchor design and hangling clip)

• time and cost saving features and benefits

• Sunnywei Solid Aluminum Wall cladding System with Rain-screen for high rise/ large project applications

• Warehouse Supply of Stone products in Ontario / Transportation

• Sunnywei full service company -  Engineering support, planning ,design, manufacturing, installation

 Powerpoint presentation, literature handouts, and product samples are available. 


Merrick Frieberg, Regional Sales Manager                               |