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The OAA does not accredit education providers and events. Any event/program that meets the following criteria is eligible and will be accepted under the OAA Continuing Education Program:
  1. Relevant to business or practice of architecture;
  2. Address one of the approved subject matter;
  3. Minimum one hour long.
One hour of classroom time equates to one Continuing Education learning hour.
OAA members self-report continuing education activities on the OAA Transcript.
Education providers are not given access to the OAA Transcript i.e. cannot report activities on OAA members’ behalf.
Events/programs that are supported by a certificate of completion or a letter of attendance qualify for structured learning hours. A proof of attendance confirming participation must include the following:
  • Participant name
  • Provider’s name, logo, and contact info;
  • Program’s name, length, and date of completion.
Events/programs that are not supported by a proof of attendance qualify for unstructured learning.
Marketing Opportunities
Any event/program that meets Continuing Education program eligibility criteria could be listed on the Continuing Education Opportunities webpage at a monthly fee of $250 +HST per event posting.
Events/programs that are offered to OAA members free of charge are posted at no cost to the provider.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please provide the following to a short event/program description (150 words max), date, location, web link, contact e-mail.

Postings are accepted at the discretion of the Association.

OAA Annual Conference

If you are interested in speaking at the OAA Annual Conference, please forward your contact information to