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Celebrating design excellence in Guelph

City calls for submissions for the 2020 Guelph Urban Design Awards

02 March 2020

Key Facts

The City is now accepting submissions for the 2020 Guelph Urban Design Awards. The deadline for submissions is March 2, 2020. Winners will be announced in September 2020.

To learn more about the awards or to submit a project, visit

Media release

Guelph, Ont., November 8, 2019—The City is bringing back the Guelph Urban Design Awards to celebrate design excellence and recognize thoughtful, innovative and sustainable urban design features that enhance our city’s unique sense of place. The awards were last held in 2006.

“Guelph is a vibrant, diverse city with a unique sense of community, and good urban design is part of what makes people feel welcome here” said Todd Salter, general manager of Planning and Building Services. “The Guelph Urban Design Awards will honour the exceptional projects that help make Guelph such a wonderful place to live, work and play.”

From November 8, 2019 to March 2, 2020, the City is accepting submissions in the following categories:

1) Adaptive re-use/heritage conservation

2) Public buildings and developments

3) Private buildings and developments

4) Open space/public space/green infrastructure

5) Place-making

6) Urban design plans/visions

Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of expert judges on a range of criteria, including:

- how the project contributes to successful city-building

- how it advances the City’s goals to be a net zero carbon community by 2050

- whether the project successfully demonstrates a positive contribution to the public realm.

These criteria reflect the community’s values and priorities outlined in Guelph’s Community Plan, and also align with the City’s Strategic Plan to make Guelph an inclusive, connected, and prosperous city where we look after each /plans-and-strategies/community-plan/other and our environment.

The winners of the 2020 Guelph Urban Design Awards will be announced in September 2020. Winners may also be eligible for free submission into the National Urban Design Awards.

To learn more about the Guelph Urban Design Awards or submit a project, visit


Guelph’s urban design vision

Guelph’s urban design action plan

Media Contact

David de Groot, Senior Urban Designer

Planning and Building Services

519-519-822-1260 extension 2358

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