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45CE - Workbook Workshop: Using the Claims Experience Workbook

25 May 2018 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

3.0 ConEd Learning Hours

What is most likely to draw your practice into a professional liability claim? How does ‘what tends to go wrong,’ ‘who complains’ and ‘who else is implicated’ vary with building type? What can you do to lower your risks? A recent review for Pro-Demnity Insurance Company has revealed interesting patterns among the claims made against Ontario architects. The Claims Experience Workbook (published jointly by the OAA and Pro-Demnity in 2017) highlights numerous strategies that architects can take to manage their risks.

This workshop will be hands-on: using life-like scenarios inspired by the claims history, you will use the Workbook during the session. As a result, you should leave better-prepared to apply the Workbook, and related resources, to a current project in your office. 

If you attended a Pro-Demnity-sponsored presentation of “Lessons from Claims” (during 2016-2017), you will experience very limited recapitulation of the information presented there—this is a chance to take the Lessons and apply them. If you did not attend “Lessons from Claims,” this workshop will help you catch up and keep current.

Attendance at each session will be limited to 40 persons.

Learning Objectives

  1. Using a series of Checklists provided in the Workbook, identify risk-management priorities relative to a current project (that is, prepare to take specific initiatives to lower risks in relation to potential claims of error or omission).
  2. Remember how the areas of greatest risk to architects vary in relation to building type, and prepare to apply that knowledge to all future projects in your office.
  3. Feel motivated to review OAA Practice Tips and Pro-Demnity Bulletins that relate to contracting and co-ordinating consultants, understanding how these guidelines relate to the recent history of claims against Ontario architects.
  4. Be able to encourage and guide office colleagues in their use of the Claims Experience Workbook and related resources.


Barbara M. Ross, M.Arch., CUT, OAA, FRAIC

Founder of The Research in Architecture Studio, Barbara Ross was the lead researcher for Pro-Demnity’s “2015 Review of Claims,” lead presenter in Pro-Demnity’s 2016-2017 “Lessons from Claims” sessions and the principal author of The Claims Experience Workbook. An accomplished practitioner, researcher and teacher, she is a recognized specialist in the design of justice facilities, and in energy conservation.