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33CE - Putting People in Design Using Crowd Simulation

24 May 2018 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

1.5 ConEd Learning Hours

As the world urbanizes, the need to accommodate more people in ever-greater densities increases. This challenge extends to all building types, from transit infrastructure to entertainment venues to public spaces. The discipline of pedestrian planning has evolved to meet these design challenges through the use of 3D building models and advanced computation. This session will explore the promise and the limits of crowd simulation through a grounding in theory and a number of case studies.

Learning Objectives

  1. Gain a grounding in the fundamentals of pedestrian planning as it applies to the planning and design of buildings and public spaces.
  2. Develop an understanding of how BIM workflows enable simulation workflows, and how together they enhance the value of design through novel solutions and risk mitigation.
  3. Discover how crowd simulation has had a fundamental impact on the design of civic architecture through a number of high-profile case-studies.
  4. Discuss the promise and limits of crowd simulation with three leading practitioners.


Erin Morrow, AICP, RPP, Aarshabh Misra, P.Eng., and Lachlan Miles

Erin Morrow is the product director of MassMotion, a predictive microsimulation suite of tools for designing buildings and civil infrastructure. For over 15 years, Erin has demonstrated the highest commitment to excellence through peer publications on pedestrian simulation and analysis, a track record of successfully managed projects for some of the world’s highest-profile transport facilities and the development of advanced crowd simulation tools. He is driven to improve the interactions between people and data to foster optimal design outcomes.

Aarshabh Misra is an engineer in the Aviation Planning Team in the Arup Toronto office. With six years of experience working on transportation analysis for a wide range of projects across the globe, Aarshabh brings effective, reasoning-based solutions to help deliver projects successfully. His particular expertise lies in simulation and modelling that informs the planning and design of capital intensive infrastructure, including airports, transit terminals and multi-modal corridors.

Lachlan Miles is a senior planner who has 12 years of experience with Arup, working on a variety of transport and pedestrian planning projects across the globe. He currently leads Arup Canada’s Pedestrian Planning team. Lachlan has led various pedestrian planning and modelling projects, and has helped drive human-scale design of various types of built infrastructure, including rail stations and interchanges, stadia and airports.