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Keynote Luncheon Featuring Charles Fishman

23 May 2019 12:00 pm - 1:45 pm

2 ConEd Learning Hours

Charles Fishman, journalist and best-selling author, will be our keynote speaker, introducing the topic "Enpowering Change." Fishman will share his stories and experiences to illustrate how individuals can make a difference through action and applying their skills and creativity.

As a reporter, Charles Fishman has tried to get inside organizations, both familiar and secret, and explain how they work.

In the course of reporting about water to write The Big Thirst, Fishman has stood at the bottom of a half-million-gallon sewage tank, sampled water directly from the springs in San Pellegrino, Italy, and Poland Spring, Maine, and carried water on his head for 3 km with a group of Indian villagers.

Fishman’s previous book, the New York Times bestseller The Wal-Mart Effect, was the first to crack open Wal-Mart’s wall of secrecy, and has become the standard for understanding Wal-Mart’s impact on our economy and on how we live. The Economist named it a “book of the year.”

Fishman has won numerous awards, including three times receiving UCLA’s Gerald Loeb Award, one of the most prestigious awards in business journalism.



This event is generously sponsored by the Ontario Masonry Industry.

Event decor is generously sponsored by Brampton Brick Ltd.