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07T - Griffintown

08 May 2014 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

2 Unstructured Learning Hours

One of Montreal’s oldest working-class neighbourhoods and originally home to the city’s Irish community who worked in the industries along the Lachine Canal, the area was decimated in the 1970s. Forgotten for decades, it is enjoying new-found favour with Montrealers, artists and developers alike as a series of projects – both large-scale and small – are now under construction. Striking the balance between conserving the vestiges of the neighbourhood and new construction, between private and public space is proving to be challenging. Among the buildings that will be included are the Dow Brewery Complex and John Ostell’s 1861 New City Gas Building.

This is an architectural walking tour, presented rain or shine. The tour will be offered in English by Heritage Montreal volunteer guides, who have backgrounds in architecture, art history, architectural education or urban planning.