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01AC - Contract Administration and General Review

07 May 2014 8:30 AM - 11:45 AM

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3 ConEd learning hours


Tim Gorley, OAA, RAIC
Director, IBI Group, Executive Vice President 

Allen Humphries, OAA, LEED® AP BD&C
Senior Associate, Senior Project Architect, HOK

Course Outline

This phase of a construction project accounts for approximately 25 to 35 % of an architect’s total fee and carries with it the largest percentage of claims. Problems not caught earlier in checking, or at bidding or plan or shop drawing review stages will become manifest during construction. Sometimes not discovered until well after the construction is completed and the other parties have vanished. Learn the recommended practice and procedures in administering a project through the construction phase.    

Topics include:

  • Introduction - The Construction Phase
  • Participants - The roles and responsibilities of the key parties during construction
  • Before we begin - Methods of Project Delivery , types of contacts, bonds, insurance, agreements
  • Meetings and deliverables
  • Administrative paperwork
  • Contract Close out procedures