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09CE - Bold by Psychology: Design and Neuroscience

23 May 2018 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

1.5 ConEd Learning Hours

Advancement in neuroscience is explaining the art of how the human mind works, including that of the architect and our clients: How we think (differently), how our values and beliefs are created and how we make decisions. This area of research is impacting all fields of practice, from business management to government policy making. How will it impact the practice of architecture? Will architects sit back and let this wave pass them by, or will they jump on it and ride the wave of neuroscience and psychology to make our world “Bold by Design?”

Learning Objectives

    1. Learn how to build new design business offerings and lines.
    2. Understand how psychology of collaboration and teams makes better projects.
    3. Learn how to handle diversity and complexity on a project.
    4. Learn why people don’t understand you (and what to do about it).


Cliff Harvey, OAA, FRAIC

Cliff Harvey focuses on delivering transformative health care environments. Known as a strategic and collaborative leader, he is a builder of buildings, teams and relationships. Cliff can balance the art and science of design, construction and operations. His expertise goes beyond the building sector to encompass service, organizational and governance design. Cliff achieves his focus through an innovative design-system-thinking program for healthcare service providers who want to reimagine their infrastructure through the lens of quality and service excellence. Cliff’s experiences include being senior architect in the Ontario Government, a hospital vice president and a practising architect.