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Lunch5 - Beyond the Common in Ventilated Facades

27 May 2020 11:30 am -1:00 pm


1.5 ConEd Learning Hours

This course assumes you know ventilated facades, and in fact assumes you have reviewed the presentation at

Speaker Blair Davies, P.Eng., will touch on the topic of ventilated facades, but more importantly talk about your choices and how they are implemented. The architects will understand the top things they need to do to be successful in designing, specifying, detailing, and inspecting or guiding construction.

There are systems and panels. Systems require less fabrication and more onsite construction; they need less expertise by the installer, expanding the choice of contractors. The panel systems are typically flat sheets and offer a lot more creativity, but require fabrication. Installers need to undertake manufacturing in their shop as much as onsite construction. There is no shortage of these skills, but designers need to be careful in specification to ensure they end up with the right people.

Subsystems can vary, but are roughly the same in how they accomplish the ventilated facade approach. The presenter will summarize these subsystems, touch on insulation and membrane choices, and talk about detailing, especially specification and construction. He will present a range of choices and deep dive into two panel choices due to time constraints. The presenter will also talk about prefabrication and the state of the industry in Ontario and beyond.