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Winning projects of 2016 Canadian Green Building Awards

The winners of the ninth annual Canadian Green Building Awards, a program hosted by Sustainable Architecture & Building [SABMag] in collaboration with the Canada Green Building Council, can be seen at  – complete with a full article and the original submission for each project.  
Whereas the majority of the 2015 awards went to large commercial and institutional projects, this year it was smaller projects that took most of the honours. If there was a theme beyond that of scale, it was social sustainability in all its aspects: an expressive and engaging branch library that has become a successful community hub; a women’s shelter with bright and uplifting interiors; a multi-generational residential triplex that addresses aging in place; an ingenious intervention that enriches the social lives of factory workers - as well as other new and renovated housing projects. 
The technical award went to Ontario’s first Living Building Challenge contender - a project that demonstrates the high level of building performance that can be achieved with what are increasingly mainstream sustainable strategies. The introduction of regional awards 
this year confirmed that architects from all across the country are now creating buildings that are exemplary in both their quantitative and qualitative performance. 
We especially thank our sponsors without whom the program would not be possible: National sponsors - Interface and the Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute; and Regional Sponsors - Enbridge and Inline Fiberglass.
Source: SABMag