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Windsor's Road Diet

John Horvat, Chair of Windsor Region Society of Architects


Photo Credit: Keith Penner Photography

Check out a video and article about Windsor’s 'Road Diet' featuring John Horvat, Chair of the Windsor Region Society of Architects (WRSA). WRSA are partners of this event. Click here (Source:, June 6, 2016) to view.
Two lanes of Riverside Drive through downtown Windsor will be closed to traffic Saturday, June 11, 2016 for what city planners are calling an act of “tactical urbanism” designed to study the effects of surrendering prime roadway to other more people-friendly uses.
The event is being held in Windsor in conjunction with the 24th annual Congress for the New Urbanism that runs June 8-11 in Detroit. The OAA is proud to support the WRSA in this endeavour through Society Special Project Funding.