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Webinars Being Offered on Digital Seals

Learn About the Changes for All OAA Members

Digital seals will be mandatory as of January 2, 2022. With the move from paper to electronic filing, one of the key challenges in this transformation is the authentication of these files. During this webinar, OAA members will learn the technology, professional and legal frameworks underpinning the use of professional digital seals and signatures in Canada and understand the benefits from having a digital seal on electronic documents rather than having to manage paper originals. 

The learning objectives for this webinar include:

  • learning the four attributes of electronic document reliability;
  • understanding the electronic signature spectrum;
  • understanding the legal framework of electronic signatures in Canada and Ontario; and
  • gaining a practical understanding on how a digital signature works.

The webinar will be offered on the following days, from 12 to 2 pm: