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UBC Okanagan Teaching and Learning Centre

The Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) at University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO) campus will be a new gateway building with spectacular views of the Okanagan valley. Centrally located, this new academic building will be the first step towards establishing a new student hub, the pedestrianization of University Way, and setting a precedent for the future transformation of the growing UBCO campus.
The TLC project is designed to fulfill critical student needs on the UBCO campus for technology-enhanced learning and research. Directly affiliated with the Library, the TLC provides informal study space, quiet study, and academic facilities focused on student and faculty digital support. The building will house the largest teaching and learning theatre on the campus, a 400 seat theatre uniquely designed for group activities and technology enabled resources. Additionally, the building provides new space to better protect the Library Archives, including the school’s collection of Okanagan art and rare documents, and a new Graduate Student Commons.
The TLC design is a bold yet simple building characterized by a rational plan, strategic compact massing and distinguished exterior gestures: a two-tiered Great Hall is made expansive by its connection to the exterior through views and dynamic visual relationships to other programme; windows cut into the north and east façades reveal the Galleria and convenience stair landing; a cantilevered overhang faces north along University way; an angled window creates a dynamic lifted gesture towards the new outdoor plaza; the building cladding is made up of reflective metal panels that reflect the colours of the ever-changing cloudscapes over the valley, evoking qualities of reflective surfaces of the surrounding lakes. Overall, the TLC’s design balances elegant simplicity with unique gestures befitting a Landmark building for a burgeoning campus.