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The good place: Architect drawn to improve Rwandan society

The Globe and Mail

By Alex Bozikovic

December 19, 2017

If you map the global hubs of architecture, you end up following the money to the world's richest cities: London, New York. And yet the young, ambitious Canadian architect Kelly Doran has wound up in Kigali, Rwanda. Why?
Simply: to make a difference. With the design firm MASS, the Manitoba native is working to create high-quality hospitals and educational facilities and affordable housing in East Africa. And, also, to carve out a bigger role for a profession that has a lot to give.
"What we do is not just some service, and it's not a luxury; it's a need," the 39-year-old said on a recent visit to Toronto. "That's the challenge for architecture right now: to make that case. Design can add so much value. We need to be able to prove it."