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The OAA releases its 2018 provincial election issues paper

The next Ontario general election will take place on Thursday, June 7, 2018. This provincial election campaign is a great opportunity to ask party leaders and district candidates questions about issues of interest to OAA members.

The Association promotes positive policy change to ensure a safe and healthy built environment that performs at the highest levels by every measure. The OAA’s (PACT) has produced a 2018 Election Issues Paper to help raise awareness about issues directly affecting our province’s economy and the basic needs of Ontarians.

Discussions can happen almost anywhere and at any time during a provincial election campaign. Keep parties and candidates on their toes by asking them about issues that matter to you. This election issues paper is a great touchstone that covers a wide range of policy, regulatory and legislative issues that have been raised by the OAA in recent weeks, months and years. It also includes some basic information on how to host a candidates forum.

Should you require additional information on OAA positions and initiatives, you can contact Liam O’Brien, senior policy analyst at the OAA.