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The Built Environment Open Forum is proud to announce the birth of a brand new quarterly journal

"Congratulations to a new quarterly to transcend Canada and the world."- Raymond Moriyama

Toronto, September 21, 2017 -- The Right Angle is not an architectural journal (although our team is mostly made up of architects). Like you, we think there are enough architectural journals in the world already. But we believe that the built environment, including architecture, needs to be discussed more openly, and by a wider range of people, professional and non-professional. The built environment belongs to all of us, and the discussion should include all of us.

Our organization is called the Built Environment Open Forum, and our journal provides exactly that. Our writers are architects and design professionals, along with others close to the cause. Our topics are those that interest us and our readers equally, related to the built environment. The writing is down-to-earth, accessible, light-hearted or serious, personal, honest, and with lots of drawings and photographs.

There is no limit to the number of ways the built environment can be appreciated, enjoyed, examined and evaluated. It very much depends on how you’re prepared to look at it. And there is really no correct viewpoint: every angle is The Right Angle.

About the Journal

The Right Angle is the official voice of the Built Environment Open Forum – a non-profit organization that fosters conversation about the built environment between professionals and non-professionals. The Journal is published both in print and online.

Content for The Right Angle is generated by our readers, who may be experts or aficionados, and by special contributors. Our current roster includes architects, landscape architects, interior designers, creative artists, academics and philosophers. We hope also to include students, interns, builders, planners, economists, developers, marketing people, financiers and many others. Our writing is straightforward, sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, entertaining, informative and entirely jargon-free.

Each issue is built on a single theme that bears somehow on the built environment, with special emphasis on the appreciation of the everyday, ordinary things that fall outside the scope of other professional journals. We also seek out important work in other fields – creative, scientific and academic – that might normally escape the notice of building practitioners. And, of course, we value anything that helps to narrow the gap between architects and everyone else.

Beyond the theme of each issue, the journal will include regular features dealing with specific topics of interest to professionals and non-professionals. Examples are: cultural developments; drawing, sketching and environmental art; research and technology; architectural fiction and creative nonfiction; environmental sustainability; and “Places,” which happens also to be the theme of our first issue.

The content of The Right Angle is much more inclined toward the discussion of ideas than to descriptions about things. But by fostering open communication and a higher awareness among design professionals and others, our ultimate goal is the creation of a better, everyday built environment.

The Right Angle
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