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TORONTO’S 17th ANNUAL CANSTRUCTION® AIMS TO FILL THE HUNGER GAP ‘Canstructures’ on display in Toronto's financial district until May 20

Visitors to Toronto’s financial district may be wondering why there’s a Lovebot around the corner from an emoji both made out of tuna in the lobby of the TD Center. They’re just two of twenty-­‐two structures on display this week, as teams of professional designers, architects, engineers and students took part in Toronto’s 17th Annual Canstruction® Competition. 
In all 63,000 pounds of donated food were sculpted into audacious, edible statues all in an effort to fill Toronto’s hunger gap. 
“Canstruction is a unique food drive and a way for the design community to collaborate creatively while giving back to our community,” says Helen Kabriel, co-­‐chair of Canstruction Toronto. “We not only make a meaningful contribution to Daily Bread Food Bank, but the structures also provoke a city-­‐wide discussion on hunger and the challenges facing Toronto.” 
The 'Canstructures' are on display for public viewing in the lobbies of the TD Bank, TD West, TD North and Ernst & Young, towers at 66 Wellington Street West until May 20th, before being disassembled and donated to Daily Bread Food Bank, the city’s largest distributor of food to food banks and meal programs. 
“Canstruction has an enormous impact. It provides tens of thousands of pounds of nutritious food, and helps raise awareness about hunger and poverty in a unique way. It is especially important in the spring, which is a season donations typically fall off because people are not thinking about hunger,” says Gail Nyberg, executive director of Daily Bread Food Bank. In 2015, Canstruction accounted for 53% of public donations in May. 
The Canstruction® competition recognizes a variety of factors, not just design aesthetics. The ‘Best Use of Labels’ award focuses on creative graphic possibilities, the “Best Meal” award considers the variety and quality of the food donated, and “Structural Ingenuity” considers the complexity of the design. 
This year, Canstruction Toronto will also have a “People’s Choice Award”, encouraging those passing through the TD Towers and others on-­‐line to vote by ‘liking’ a picture of their favourite ‘Canstructure’ on Facebook through the Canstruction Toronto page. The contest closes on May 22 at 1pm and can be found at
Canstruction Toronto build took place from 6 p.m. on May 16th to 1 a.m. on May 17th. The completed ‘canstructures’ were judged anonymously by a jury on May 17th  and winners were announced at an evening reception held at the Design Exchange, with Master of Ceremonies Francis D’Souza, Anchor and Senior Editorial Manager at CityNews. 
Canstruction Toronto 2016 winning ‘CANstructures’: 
Jurors Favourite:
GM BluePlan Engineering Limited

Structural  Ingenuity:
Honey, I Shrunk Hunger!
Best Meal:
Quadrangle Architects Limited
Meal Metrics
Best Use of Labels:
Entuitive with PCL Constructors and Parkin Architects
Cup of Collaboration
Honourable  Mention:
rebanks pepper littlewood architects inc.
Strike Out Hunger!

Honourable  Mention:
Turner Fleischer Architects Inc.
Joey ‘Bats’ Hunger
Photography credit: David Crowder Photography
Since the event started in Toronto in 1999, Canstruction® has donated close to one-­‐million pounds of food to the Daily Bread Food Bank. 
While the lead-­‐up to Christmas is typically a high-­‐donation time for food banks, as the weather gets nicer, the contributions decline. Canstruction Toronto is helping fill that gap. 
“Unfortunately, hunger doesn’t just happen at the holidays. It’s a year-­‐round problem for thousands of people who can’t afford to buy the nutritious food they need I,” says Nyberg. “While I look forward to seeing the winning ‘canstructures’, the real winners of Canstruction® are the 80,000 people who use a food bank and will have a meal thanks to these donations.” 
Canstruction Toronto 2016 Jury:
Mark McEwan: President, The McEwan Group Shauna Levy: President and CEO, Design Exchange John Ford: Associate, LEA Consulting Ltd.
Alex Josephson: Co-­‐founding partner, PARTISANS Craig White: Managing Editor, 
Canstruction Toronto 2016 Participants:
•Aecom Canada Ltd
Take a Vacation to a Charitable Cause
One night of indulgence, or many hunger-­‐free nights…you decide.  
•Arup Canada
Perspectives on Hunger and Heroes
The late artist David Bowie’s ever-­‐changing persona is his iconic definition; such is the case for the many different causes of hunger, all calling out for “Heroes”. 
•BA Consulting Group Ltd
Beating Hunger Is No Piece of Cake
The causes of poverty are varied and complex, and BEATING HUNGER IS NO PIECE OF CAKE. 
•Canadian Turner Construction Company
Can’t be KOI about Hunger
The KOI fish represents the values of love and friendship that many of us need to embrace, to open up our hearts and arms to a community that could use our help to end hunger. 
CANadian MAyPoLE
Colourful children representing the variety of people using the food bank dance around a Canadian Maypole. 
•Cannon Design
Totem Pole “Ojibwe dodaem” – A Landmark, An Untold Story
The totem poles memorializes the lack of access to clean water and to affordable food in our native communities. 
•Cecconi Simone
The Lovebot, created by Matthew Del Degan and canstructed by the team at Cecconi Simone, is a monument to the humanity and thoughtfulness in our city. 
•DIALOG® with Stuart Olson Inc.
War on Starvation
BB-­‐8, the small Star Wars droid, was built to help humanoids. This large representation, made with over 5000 cans, will go a long way to help families build healthy meals. 
•Diamond Schmitt Architects + Blackwell Engineering
Food for Thought
Buddhism brings wisdom and compassion to those who follow the teachings of “The Awakened One”. He is a reminder of the fulfillment that comes from living a selfless life, which is why he is the inspiration for our submission to CANstruction this year. 
•Echologics, A Division of Mueller Co.
Hungry eyes and poverty are not illusory!
The #Dressgate -­‐ no matter how you look at it, it is not an illusion. Let’s raise awareness of this serious problem, as hungry eyes and poverty are not illusory, either. 
•Entuitive with PCL Constructors and Parkin Architects
Cup of Collaboration
Inspiring collaboration and action, one cup at a time. 
Honey, I Shrunk Hunger!
Our Canstruction model is a representation of the overwhelming issues of hunger today and our hopes of diminishing it – The big ‘H’ to the little ‘h’. 
•GM BluePlan Engineering Limited
EmojiCAN is a reminder that there’s nothing silly about hunger. 
Hunger Bling
Hatch has heard the Hunger Bling and we are answering the call of local food banks to help provide essential support that fights hunger in our communities. 
•Petroff Partnership Architects / ARK
El Castillo: Climbing the Steps to Make Hunger History
The temple of El Castillo demonstrates the lasting impact our accomplishments can have and it’s series of steps reminds us that through the combined efforts of many, one step at a time we can make lasting historical changes, like defeating hunger. 
•Quadrangle Architects Limited
Meal Metrics
Meal Metrics is an infographic representation of the dramatic rise in the cost of food over the past decade. By giving substance to abstract numerical data, observers can immediately grasp the severity of cost increases while we feature the types of food that are needed most by food banks. #MealMetrics 
•rebanks pepper littlewood architects inc.
Strike Out Hunger!
Whether it’s with a “SPARE” dollar or cans of food, our bowling ball and three pins represent the consistent “FOLLOW THROUGH” necessary to help “STRIKE” out hunger, and “RE-­‐RACK” the shelves of the Daily Bread Food Bank. 
•Ryerson University
Eats on Bay
Eats on Bay resembles the widely popular Beats by Dre Studio headphones, which bring energy, emotion, and excitement to people of all ages, all different music tastes, and from around the world. 
•Stephenson Engineering Ltd
Dome Sweet Dome
Where some only see a structure, open dome designs are a place of refuge, support, and most importantly hope. 
•Turner Fleischer Architects Inc.
Joey ‘Bats’ Hunger
A model of The Toronto Blue Jays' Jose Bautista's epic bat flip representing hope and bringing the city together in a common cause. 
•University of Toronto Architecture and Visual Studies
Corncave is a grotto-­‐inspired structure that combines dynamic curves and corn, a staple food item, to often-­‐unnoticed food insecurity in our city. 
•Walsh Canada
Let’s End Hunger by All Measures
This year Walsh Canada decided to construct a tape measure, which is a critical tool used by our company in our core area of business, construction, while also supporting our Canstruction mission statement of “Let’s End Hunger by All Measures”.