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Submissions Required for winter issue of OAA Perspectives on ‘Thresholds’

Deadline: September 10, 2015

In our Winter issue of OAA Perspectives, we explore the many kinds of “thresholds” that apply to architectural theory, practice and experience.

In the strict physical sense, thresholds divide one space from another: inside from outside, private from public, organized space from natural territory. We often think of thresholds in terms of entries: doors, porches and gateways. In these instances, thresholds often have the effect of modifying our behavior to suit the environment. In a more metaphorical sense, threshold defines the transition point between one state and another – the threshold of pain, boredom, tolerance, hope, discovery or understanding.

In the physical sense, how do thresholds affect or modify our behaviour? What clues led us to act differently when we move from one environment to another? How do we design to accommodate this phenomenon?

In the metaphorical sense, what kinds of thresholds do we negotiate in our architectural lives, professions and experiences? As architects, when did we cross the threshold from non-architect to architect?

If you think you might have some interesting thoughts (or images) to help in our exploration, or if you are willing to cross the threshold from reader to writer, contact our editor, Gordon Grice. The submission deadline is September 10, 2015.