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Submissions Required for ‘The Architecture of Entertainment’ issue of OAA Perspectives

Deadline: June 3, 2016

Twenty years ago, Perspectives dedicated an issue to “The Architecture of Entertainment”—at the time, an exciting new area of practise. On this topic, Tony Griffiths, OAA President at the time, commented: “Architecture surely is a serious business; is it possible therefore for architecture to be part of ‘entertainment,’ especially when architects tend to take the discipline and themselves, so very, very seriously?”

Today’s OAA Perspectives team believes Griffiths’ question has been answered. Architects are still serious about what they do, and Entertainment Architecture has been shown to be a serious business. In its various forms and implications, it is now a large, growing, and integral part of architecture. “Visitor experience,” a term that was once exclusive to the design of entertainment venues, is now part of the architectural vocabulary.

Entertainment today takes many forms, from theatres and stadiums to wineries, golf courses, city centres and, of course, theme parks and retail complexes. How have today’s architects responded to the demands of this new generation of entertainment architecture? And, just as important, how have the principles of entertainment architecture affected architectural thinking?

Luigi Ferrara, our editor of twenty years ago, noted, “Each architect is working on this balance between containment and expression, crafting their own epic, their own architecture of entertainment.”

OAA Perspectives awaits your thoughts on architects, architecture and entertainment. Your response might be a reflective article, a recollection of an entertaining event or space, or perhaps some interesting photographs or sketches.

Please forward submissions to OAA Perspectives Editor, Gordon Grice by June 3, 2016.