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Student Hours May Be Submitted

A maximum of 760 HOURS may be submitted if earned by OAA student associates.

The OAA Council is working with the other licensing authorities in Canada to amend the Internship in Architecture Program (IAP) in a number of areas.  In the interim the OAA has decided that we will allow students to submit additional experience that meets the following criteria.


  • Experience gained after July 1, 2019;
  • Attendance at an accredited school and minimum of 60 credit hours completed;
  • Hold student associate status with the OAA before gaining the experience;
  • Only hours worked working in an architectural practice, under the personal supervision and direction of an architect.
       o see “Acceptable Employment Situation” in the IAP Manual;
  • The supervising architect must sign off on the experience;
  • A Mentor is required
       o see IAP Manual under Role of Mentor.


  • The OAA is working on updating the online CERB to accept this experience but that will not be ready until Spring 2020.
  • Record the experience for your records, use the paper CERB as your model.
  • When the online CERB is activated to accept student experience you will be notified by email;
  • Keep your email and other contact information current with the OAA.


  • All hours are subject to review and approval in accordance with the IAP
  • Questions may be directed to


A maximum of 760 HOURS may be submitted if earned by OAA student associates.

The OAA and the National Committee on the Internship in Architecture Program (IAP) are working to amend the IAP to include student experience. Criteria is now being finalized around the acceptance of 760 hours of experience toward the 3,720 hours of approved experience in specific criteria required to be eligible to complete the internship program.

Students will be required to be in an acceptable employment situation as set out in the IAP Manual. Additionally, the experience will have to be under the personal supervision and direction of an architect. The supervising architect, and a mentor, will be required to sign the experience hours.

Students are encouraged to keep a record of their experience and using the paper version of the Canadian Experience Record Book (CERB). The data will need to be re-entered in an online form once the development of the amended CERB is complete. The paper record would be for the student’s information only, and to, if required, provide proof of a supervisor’s signature.

In order to support this change, the OAA will be asking Student Associates to renew their membership on a yearly basis as part of the Association’s annual membership renewal process. In doing so, confirmation of enrollment in a Canadian accredited school of architecture will be sought.

A recognized student is a Student Associate member of the OAA who is currently enrolled in a Canadian accredited school of architecture and who has obtained 60 credit hours in an undergraduate or professional degree program. OAA Student Associates who do not meet these criteria are not eligible to count hours. Experience may be counted as of July 1, 2019—experience gained prior to that date will not be accepted.