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Spam, Malware and Financial Requests

Stay Vigilant About Fraudulent Emails
Spam, Malware and Financial Requests
The OAA has learned at least one new member has been impacted by a fraudulent email that sought to obtain financial and personal information.

Recognizing fraudulent emails, as well as spam and malware, is critical—especially during this time as fees and membership renewals are being collected. Phishing and other harmful emails should be deleted immediately without clicking on any links or attachments.

If you are ever unsure of the legitimacy of a message, you can call the OAA at 416-449-6898 or email the Office of the Registrar at The OAA appreciates all members who report false emails to the Association, allowing others to be warned.

The OAA does not provide the email addresses for members to any third party. Emails for practices are publicly accessible through the information posted on the "Discover an Architect" area of the OAA Website. Member emails are only available in that area of the Website if the individual member has consented to the publication of that information.