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Share your stories about architectural recognition on your buildings!

Tweet images using the hashtag #KnowtheArchitect 

The OAA will be re-engaging with media to bring the subject of architectural recognition back to the forefront of public discussions and your input will help! Members are asked to tweet photos of architectural recognition (cornerstones, plaques, signs, etc.) containing the building information and the hashtag #KnowtheArchitect for the chance to have them shared by the OAA and mentioned in media coverage.

As the one year mark approaches of the City of Toronto formally requiring architectural recognition to be prominently placed on all buildings 1,000 square metres or more, the OAA would also like to hear your feedback. Have planners been requiring it on site plan drawings (as they're supposed to do)? Have owners accepted this requirement? Do you have any photos that you're willing to share? Has it become easier for architects to sign your buildings elsewhere in Ontario as a result of Toronto's requirement?

Contact Adam Tracey, Manager of Policy & Government Relations to share your experiences.