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Share Your Sketches on the blOAAg

Extended to Friday August 2

Approaching the study of architecture can be an intimidating prospect. Though architects spend the majority of their time behind a computer, the process that drives the design of a building begins with a simple raw sketch. How does sketching influence the design of a building?
The criteria for realizing a building is intrinsically complex, comprising the aspiration of client and designer, the utility and comfort of intended occupants, compliance with myriad legal, accessibility and municipal regulations and so on. The process of designing a structure engages the technical expertise of a wide range of specialists, and it is the architect’s job to render a discourse that connects all related technical and artistic dialogues.
Understanding the aforementioned conditions in relation to a project typically begin with a simple sketch. In this process, sketches provide the means for appraising building life, form and space. At the same time, preliminary drawings commonly described the visually oriented thought of an architect and also allow designers to understand the needs of inhabitants in perception and comprehension. 
Over the next few months, the OAA Website’s blOAAg is looking to define and explore architectural drawings in its series, Summer Sketches. From the built to the speculative, we are interested in highlighting architectural ideas and thoughts as part of an iterative comprehension process. 
Do you or your practice have hand sketches of past, recent or unbuilt project? Please share your story and let us know! Email OAA Architectural Graduate, Parham Karimi, with your contribution by Friday, August 2. To see last year’s selection of Summer Sketches, click here.