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Share Your Amazing Mentorship Stories

Submit by Wednesday, October 30

November is Mentorship Month! To promote and celebrate this important part of the architectural profession, the OAA Interns Committee would like to share your amazing mentorship stories. Whether it is about your current or past Internship in Architecture Program (IAP) mentor, a work colleague or someone else who has guided you along the way, the Committee wants to hear from you!  
To participate, answer the following eight questions: 
1. Who are you (name, location, where you are in the IAP process and anything else you'd like to include)? 
2. Who is your mentor (name, position, professional history/priorities, specialization, hobbies, background, etc)? 
3. How did you find your mentor? 
4. What was your last meet up (the where, when, why)? 
5. In what ways has your mentor helped you? 
6. What is the best advice you have received from a mentor? 
7. What makes a great mentor? 
8. How will you serve as a mentor later in your career?  
Email your responses to the OAA's Architectural Graduate, Parham Karimi by Wednesday, October 30. We will include your write-up on the blOAAg so others in the profession can see what makes your mentor or supervising architect great.