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Ontario Culture Strategy: Architecture is Culture Wrap Up

Monday marked the end of the public consultation process for Ontario’s first Culture Strategy discussion paper, a document which failed to recognize or even mention architecture’s cultural value as product and process. Responding to this omission, Ontario’s architecture community rallied together to call for the recognition and inclusion of architecture in Ontario’s Culture Strategy. Through social media, town halls, and written submissions, the architecture and design community made its voice heard!
In all, more than 20 submissions directly related to architecture were made to the Talk Ontario website, including many more that peripherally supported our cause by reaffirming the importance of the buildings we create (libraries, museums, schools, community centres, etc.). Architecture, heritage, and built heritage became some of the most popular tags used in the online part of the consultation.
The message was also heard in social media where dozens of users, from organizations to architects to architecture enthusiasts, joined in the call for inclusion of architecture. While we didn't reach our target number of supporters through our "thunderclap", it was also a very successful part of the campaign with well over a hundred supporters helping reach an audience of 190,114 people.
The OAA; local societies; schools of architecture; allied organizations; and a number of architects, intern architects, and architecture students all made written submissions and/or participated directly in the town hall sessions. You can read some of the written submissions on our Government Relations portal. 
Thanks to everyone who participated in the process! The OAA is optimistic the Ministry will not make the same mistake twice, ensuring that architecture is a visible part of Ontario's Culture Strategy moving forward. We'll report back with any future developments.
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