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Ontario Association of Architects - Suspicious e-mail

We've received some member feedback regarding a spam e-mail that is circulating. Titled "NEW GOVERNMENT POLICY TO MEMBERS OF ONTARIO ARCHITECTS ASSOCIATION," its text may include a variation of the following:  
Dear Members, 
This is to inform all Associates and members of The Ontario Association of Architects about the new law and policy that was implemented by the government. It is mandatory that all company, organization and profitable entities shall adhere to this law and maintain standards of conduct in accordance to this policy.
Click here to read the NEW POLICY 
Kim Davies
111 Moatfield Drive
Toronto, Ontario M3B 3L6
Tel: 416-449-6811
Fax: 416-449-5711 
The e-mail should be deleted immediately without clicking on the link. 
Thank you to the members who reported the spam to the OAA, allowing us to warn others. 
If you are ever unsure of the legitimacy of an e-mail, you can check with the Association. However, there are often telltale signs. For example, in this particular case, the e-mail came from "," rather than the usual address. Further, it lacks any of the typical design elements of e-mails from the OAA, including the logo. 
The OAA does not provide the e-mail addresses for members or practices to any third party in accordance with PIPEDA privacy legislation. E-mails for practices are publicly accessible through the information posted on the "Discover an Architect" area of the OAA Website. Member e-mails are also available in that area of the Website, if the individual member has consented to the publication of that information.