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Ontario Announces Authorized Nominating Authority

As part of the full implementation of the prompt payment system, the Government of Ontario recently announced that ADR Chambers will serve as the Authorized Nominating Authority (ANA) for the province. The ANA will be known as Ontario Dispute Adjudication for Construction Contracts (ODACC), and architects can apply to be adjuicators. 
Designated to oversee the adjudication process, ODACC is charged with developing and supervising training and qualifications for adjudicators and maintaining a registry of qualified adjudicators. OAA members with 10 years of experience are eligible, and are encouraged to apply for this opportunity. One must meet the criteria set out in the regulations, and complete a course. There is an online quality evaluation process, which may require video submittals to demonstrate adjudication ability. Applications also provide ODACC with a completed form, adjudicator declarations and a resumé with details about relevant working experience in the construction industry. Determinations will be made based on qualifications, need and the results of the evaluation process. For more information, contact