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OAA Perspectives

Ceases publication April 2017

After 30 years, from tabloid to magazine format, the OAA’s Quarterly Journal will draw to a close with the printing of the spring issue this April. As a publication “written by architects for architects” Perspectives’ mandate is to examine the culture, business practices, beliefs and preoccupations that drive the profession.

“All involved with the magazine over the years: Chairs, Committee Members, Contributors, Editors and publishers can be proud of its evolution and the topics covered,” said OAA President Toon Dreessen. “We thank them for their contribution that resulted in an OAA Perspectives which leaves us with an archive of ideas, concepts and comments that captured the profession in that moment.”

OAA Council made its decision at the November Council meeting, based on a review undertaken to ensure the current program supports Council’s priorities. The review also considered how to best align resources to provide broader content across the diversity of the profession and share it in a timely manner.

 “Public awareness and Government/Policy opportunities continue to be our focus. There’s been constant growth in both of these areas,” said Toon Dreessen. “Our foray into media relations has contributed to our achievements and successes.”

The OAA’s efforts over the past several years has been to raise awareness of the value of architecture to the public. This is manifested in the public awareness programs, outreach, media, awards coverage, sponsorship of events, building the profile and public engagement of Societies. Through this, OAA Council has been working to help the public understand why architecture matters.

Digital has been the OAA’s main communication vehicle since 2000. Communication and publishing has changed significantly over these decades—as well so has the OAA’s membership and how they communicate with their Association and the world around them. This decision aligns with this direction.

 “We look forward to increasing OAA coverage by exploring ways to make content more accessible through vehicles that reflect the profession today and into the future," says Vanessa Fong, Vice President Communications. "We hope to further engage a diversity of contributors from a mix of the architectural community, broader public, industry and government, Our profession embodies creative, diverse ideas from a wide demographic who know the strength of collaboration, visual expression and technology. We believe this next step in our direction will reflect these attributes.”

The OAA will be forming a Content Steering Committee this winter to assist with the transition of increasing digital content as well as assessing processes for content generation and editing for all OAA Communication vehicles.