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OAA Online Admission Course - Course Pilot Invitation

The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) is partnering with the University Of Toronto, School Of Continuing Studies (The School/SCS) to create a fully online version of the Admission Course. The School will offer the course for the first time as a pilot in the fall of 2017. The pilot course will offer all of the modules that currently compose the in-class version of the Admission Course and will be complemented with online learning activities and self-assessment quizzes. The online course will be facilitated by two instructors who will be architects licenced with the OAA. In addition, guest speakers on various topics will appear both in recorded videos and in live webinars scheduled throughout course. 
We would like to extend to you an invitation to enrol in this pilot offering of the new online version of the OAA Admission Course. Here are some additional details about the course: 
Dates: Monday, October 16 to Friday, December 15. (Nine Weeks)
Number of Attendees: We expect between 50 and 75 participants in this course. 
Time Commitment: We anticipate that participants will spend between two and three hours per week participating in course activities. Participants can choose to do most of these activities on their own schedule, however, we are planning one live webinar per week that all participants are invited to attend. Each live webinar will be recorded, however, so if you’re not able to attend each live webinar, you will still have access to the materials and information shared at the webinar. 
The topics covered in each live webinar will vary week to week but will typically include mini-lectures from your instructors, as well as Q&A sessions with guest speakers who are subject matter experts on various topics covered in the course. The exact date and time for the webinars will be announced closer to the start of the course. 
As a participant in the webinars you will have the option to speak using the “Talk” function as well as to appear on screen (only when you are speaking) if you choose to activate your webcam. There is also a text/chat function for individuals who may not want to speak or be on video during the webinar. All participants will receive a webinar orientation before the course begins. 
Certificate of Completion: The School will issue each participant a certificate of completion based on participation in the online course and completion of a series of self-assessment quizzes. 
OAA Recognition: These certificates will be recognized by the OAA for completion of the Admission Course towards licencing.
Feedback and Surveys: As part of your participation in the pilot, you will be asked to participate in several surveys and feedback sessions during the course where you can share your experience with the School. They want to ensure that the course meets the needs of interns and other interested audiences, and your feedback is essential to making the course experience the best it can be for yourself and for future participants.  
Cost: There is no cost to the participants in this first pilot offering of the online Admission Course. 
Deadline for Application: If you’re interested in participating in this pilot offering, please contact by Friday, September 15, 2017.