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OAA Held Successful Inaugural Queen’s Park Event

The OAA held its first Queen’s Park Event on October 3, 2016, to coincide with World Architecture Day. The event was designed to develop a greater knowledge and appreciation of the OAA and the practice of architecture.  
The event was held in the legislative dining room at the legislature.  MPPs and their staff were invited to drop in at their leisure throughout the morning and the event was intended to be somewhat casual in nature.  Breakfast was served and MPPs could walk through several ‘stations’ at the event.   
MPPs were asked over the summer to nominate a building from their riding for the OAA to showcase at the event.  The chosen building nominations were displayed on panels surrounding the buffet and eating areas. Members of the design team as well as members of the local architectural Society were paired together to speak to each of the nominated buildings.  The OAA building was also showcased, with the model and information about the retrofit displayed.  Finally, there was a “Speaker’s Corner” station where MPPs could record video statements about their thoughts on the event, World Architecture Day or architecture in Ontario. 
Hosting an event at Queen’s Park allowed for greater and more direct interaction with MPPs from across the province.  Participants were able to have in-depth conversations with MPPs about the importance of architecture and several MPPs indicated interest in holding meetings with the OAA.  MPPs from all three parties were in attendance at the event and political staff from the Liberal and NDP caucus also attended. The Attorney General and his staff were in attendance and the Minister who addressed the crowd, highlighting his intent to foster a strong relationship with the OAA and the architectural profession. 
Following the event, OAA President Toon Dreessen and other participants were welcomed formally on the floor of the legislature by the Attorney General. Later in the day, the Ontario Liberal Party (represented by MPP Peter Milcyzn) and New Democratic Party (represented by MPP Jagmeet Singh) made formal statements commemorating World Architecture Day and the work of OAA and architects across the province. The Attorney General also tweeted and retweeted about World Architecture Day, as did a number of other MPPs and organizations reaching a social media audience of more than 100,000 people. 
Content from the event including photos, video statements and building profiles will continue to be shared through the OAA’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) as well as the BlOAAg. 
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