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OAA Headquarters Renew + Refresh Project Update

Construction to begin this fall – OAA & Pro-Demnity will relocate

OAA Council is pleased to confirm that construction on the planned renovation and refresh of the OAA Headquarters at 111 Moatfield Drive will begin this fall. The OAA will be temporarily moving out of our Moatfield Drive location over the Labour Day weekend to make way for the year-long construction project that will be transformative for the Association and its future operations. 
The renovation coincides with the 25 year anniversary of the building, which the OAA and Pro-Demnity Insurance have shared as common office space. Pro-Demnity Insurance Company, as a result of much study and consideration which included an in depth look at their current and future needs, has decided to move out of the OAA Headquarters permanently. 
"Thirty years is a long time and over these decades both organizations have grown. The OAA Headquarters Renew + Refresh Project challenged both the Association and the Insurance Company to assess their long term goals and needs", says OAA President John Stephenson. "While we will miss the comfortable co-location and the informal interaction and synergy between our two staffs, today's technology however will allow us to continue to work together." 
Independent of where Pro-Demnity is ultimately located, the OAA as the sole shareholder of Pro-Demnity, will continue its close working relationship with the staff and the Board of Pro-Demnity. The OAA will continue to collaborate where the nexus of insurance, regulation and advocacy can be focused on the common issues -- to the benefit of the practice of architecture in the public interest in Ontario. 
Pro-Demnity will continue to locate its offices in the GTA and will provide its new coordinates to policy holders in the near future.  
The project, in addition to meeting the 2030 Challenge a full 12 years ahead of schedule, includes a complete refresh of the interior spaces of the building, providing enhanced meeting facilities, and staff and member social spaces. It will also transform the OAA offices into a modern, studio-like, flexible and collaborative work space that reflects best practices in office design and the modern technological realities of work flows.  
The Renew + Refresh project is already establishing the OAA, and by extension the profession, as leaders in climate action through responsible architectural design. This will give credibility to all our members in their role as advocates for the need for climate change mitigation.  
More details about this move will be communicated to members in the next few months.

Click here to see the OAA Headquarters page for more information on the refresh project and building.