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OAA Council Elections Coming

E-mails go out October 1

Volunteering and being elected to serve on Council offers many rewards. It is your opportunity to share your expertise and learn in depth about other aspects of the profession, regulation and the association's structure, as well as its numerous programs and services. 
 “Volunteering on Council has been such an enriching experience,” says David C. K. Sin. “The reward went beyond the many great learning opportunities outside the day-to-day practice of architecture, to an experience that strengthened my growth as a well-rounded professional and as a person.”
There will be five architect vacancies on Council. Councillors who are architects sit for a three-year term, which commences on January 1, 2019 and ends December 31, 2021.  
There will be one Intern Architect vacancy for the Non-Voting Intern Architect Seat on Council. The Non-Voting Intern Architect seat on Council has a one-year term, which commences on January 1, 2019 and ends December 31, 2019.
Nominations occur using an online system.  An e-mail is sent to each member on October 1, 2018 with a dedicated link to the online system. 
For additional information, contact the Office of the Registrar and visit the OAA Elections page.

See below for additional testimonials from existing Councillors:

“The blessing in being a self-regulated profession is our ability to effect change that matters to us—from within our community. Serving on Council is an empowering opportunity to set policy directions that initiate these changes while protecting the public interest and ensuring the highest standards of competency.”
-Amir Azadeh

“As the first Lic. Tech. OAA member of Council, I have enjoyed learning about the in-depth workings of the OAA. Being on Council has allowed me to fully understand our role as the regulators of the profession and to gain an appreciation for the amount of work that goes into fulfilling this role by the Council, the many committees, and the staff. With the ongoing discussions with ARIDO, the continued evolution of Pro-Demnity Insurance Co., and the redevelopment of the website and logo—among many other initiatives—this is an exciting time to be a part of OAA Council. I encourage everyone who wants to be a part of the continued growth to put their names forward.”
-Jeremiah Gammond
“Our profession is undergoing significant change as we seek to demonstrate our value. This is our profession, and the involvement of the OAA is one of the means by which we can reinforce this value.In order to be more effective, we need to promulgate our role across a broader spectrum. This includes augmenting our presence with not only the general community, but also government and other institutions, as well as with educational establishments. The Council of the OAA is well aware of these issues and has been putting policies in place to meet these objectives, but it requires a vigorous presence across the board, on an ongoing basis, to implement the goals. The Council is a progressive body that benefits greatly from fresh thinking in order to meet tough challenges and obligations. Moreover, serving on Council brings a different and valuable perspective to the actual practice of architecture. Please consider bringing your ideas to the table so that we can move forward and make a positive contribution.”
-David C. Rich