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OAA Celebrates World Architecture Day with MPPs at Queen’s Park


OAA President John Stephenson with the Hon.Yasir Naqvi (Attorney General)

Toronto, ON -- The OAA held its second annual Queen’s Park Event on October 2, 2017, to coincide with World Architecture Day1. The event was held to build appreciation of the value of architecture and architects in Ontario. 
MPPs and their staff were invited to drop in to the Queen's Park reception over lunch.  MPPs viewed the exhibit, spoke to representatives involved in the projects and many had their photo taken celebrating World Architecture Day. 
MPPs were asked to nominate a favourite building from their riding to be considered for the World Architecture Day exhibit.  The response increased exponentially this year with 35 submissions from 31 MPPs. The selected building nominations were displayed on panels throughout the room. Members of the design team as well as members of the local architectural society were paired together to speak to each of the selected buildings.   
“Each nomination represents a unique way that architecture creates a sense of place in communities across Ontario and tells the story of how individual buildings impact each of our lives,” says OAA President, John Stephenson. 
The eight projects selected for this year’s exhibit to highlight the diversity of architecture across the province:
Hosting an event at Queen’s Park allowed for greater and more direct interaction with MPPs from across the province.  Participants were able to have in-depth conversations with MPPs about the importance of architecture and several MPPs had meetings with the OAA during the afternoon.  MPPs and staff from all three parties were in attendance at the event. The Attorney General addressed the crowd, highlighting his intent to foster a strong relationship with the OAA and the architectural profession. 
Prior to the event event, OAA President John Stephenson and other participants were welcomed formally on the floor of the legislature by the Attorney General. Later in the day, MPP Percy Hatfield spoke in the Legislature about his meeting with OAA representatives and the need for reform of the process of Site Plan Approval in Ontario. Supportive of the OAA’s recommendations, Hatfield acknowledged that Government must respond with a solution to this costly problem. The Attorney General also tweeted and retweeted about World Architecture Day, as did a number of other MPPs, organizations and individuals reaching a social media audience of more than 100,000 people. Articles were also written in regional media including Toronto and North Bay. 
Content from the event including photos, video statements and building profiles will continue to be shared through the OAA’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) as well as the BlOAAg. QP Picks were also posted to raise awareness among the general public on

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1World Architecture Day was founded by the International Union of Architects (UIA) in 2005 with “the aim of reminding the world about the collective responsibility of architects in designing our future cities”. The 2017 theme is “Climate Change Action!” acknowledging that the threat of climate change is real. Rapid urbanization and building developments are increasing our fuel energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission. It calls upon all architects and architecture organizations in the world to mobilize efforts to respond to these initiatives.