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OAA+2030 Professional Education Series 2016 Schedule Announced


Toronto ON – The OAA announces today that online registration for the 2016 OAA+2030 Professional Education Series will begin at 11:00 am (EST) Wednesday, October 7.
“As the school year draws to a close, we wanted to get architects and other industry professionals thinking about their learning opportunities for next year,” says Toon Dreessen, OAA President. “We are pleased to announce we’ve aligned the OAA+2030 Professional Series with the January to June academic calendar, allowing participants to complete the series in 5 months, half of the original schedule.”
The Sessions will be available in Toronto at the Old Mill. The Series provides 40 ConEd structured learning hours towards the OAA’s professional education requirements. The Sessions will run from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm one day, approximately every two weeks, running from January to June 2016. See below for a complete schedule.
Now entering its third year in Ontario, the Series helps design professionals create buildings that meet the ambitious energy efficiency goals of the Architecture 2030 Challenge®. Ten, 4-hour sessions offer strategies to reach 60% reduction in fossil  fuel greenhouse gas emissions, giving design professionals the knowledge and leverage to create next-generation, super-efficient buildings—and provide firms with the skills that will set them apart in the marketplace.
“More than 135 individuals have successfully completed the Series since its launch in 2014. Participant feedback has allowed us to revisit the Series’ schedule with the objective of making it more accessible to architects and industry professionals,” explains Vanessa Fong, OAA Vice President and Chair of the Continuing Education Committee. “We acknowledge the dedication required to participate in the Series; it is a testament to the interest, knowledge and commitment to the Architecture 2030 Challenge® that we have right here in Ontario.”
The OAA+2030 Professional Education Series is a partner program of the successful AIA+2030 Professional Series developed through a partnership between Architecture 2030 and AIA Seattle. 
In May 2012 OAA Council approved to adopt, adapt and implement the AIA+2030 Professional Series™ in Ontario. This aligned with Council’s adoption the 2030 Challenge, 2 months earlier, demonstrating its strong support for ‘going green’.
For more information about the Series, click here
40 ConEd structured learning hours
OAA+2030 Professional Series Schedule
January 14, 2016               
The 2030 Challenge: Setting + Achieving Energy Goals with Integrated Design
January 28, 2016
Getting to 60: The Power of Targets + Load Reduction
February 11, 2016              
Accentuate the Positive: Climate Responsive Design
February 25, 2016              
Skins: The Importance of The Thermal Envelope
March 10, 2016                  
Aggressively Passive: Employing Passive Systems for Load Reduction
March 31, 2016                  
Illuminating Savings: Daylighting and Integrated Lighting Strategies
April 14, 2016                    
Right-sized: Equipment and Controls for Super-efficient Building System
April 28, 2016                    
Site Power: Renewable Energy Opportunities
May 26, 2016                    
The Hand-off + Staying in Shape: Operations, Maintenance + Education
June 9, 2016                    
Putting It All Together: Achieving 2030 Goals On The Project and At The Office
Time: 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. 
Online registration starts October 7, 2015 at 11 am.