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New Website launches to engage the public

Next phase of OAA Public Awareness Initiative

October 3, 2016, Toronto, ON--“Architecture Impacts Everyone, Everyday” is the theme of the microsite launching today.

“This new tool is going live on World Architecture Day,” says Toon Dreessen, OAA President. “It fits with the theme: architecture has an enormous power to cope with climate change, and to foster communities that are strong, safe, equitable, productive and affordable.”

The site will focus on sharing stories about architecture to better explain how architecture impacts people, rather than the technical and aesthetic qualities of projects. The OAA asked Ontario MPPs to submit their favourite building in the province for an exhibit at the Queen’s Park/OAA breakfast this morning. These are the projects which are currently featured on for the launch.

Ontario projects will continue to be used to illustrate the themes and campaigns, but the messaging is universal and the site welcomes a broad participation from individuals across Canada and throughout the world. The objective is to increase awareness of the impacts of architecture, whether people have a slight interest or are already engaged in their built environment, the site hopes to help move people towards active participation in creating better communities and to gain an understanding of the value of architecture.

“This is the next phase of the public awareness initiative,” says Vanessa Fong, Vice President Communications. “We will be using the site to launch a few campaigns throughout the year that focus on public engagement. We hope interest in the topic encourages interaction and dialogue with the public.”

The microsite includes events that members of the public can attend or become involved in. News articles will be posted with the same intention. Resources will continue to grow with feedback from users. We invite you to explore the site and share items and post comments. The site has been developed to encourage interaction between the public and the profession.

The OAA Communications Committee will be taking a look at OAA Social Media, the BlOAAg, and public resources currently represented on OAA Communication vehicles and reviewing how they can best be linked to this new portal and shared with the public.

Spread the word and watch for the launch of the next campaign! We’ll keep you posted in the OAA News Bulletin and on the Website