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Members Encouraged to Respond to OBC consultation

Deadline: Monday, November 25

While members have previously been alerted to an Ontario Building Code consultation conducted by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH), the OAA has recently learned the proposal will also entail significant changes to the way architects in Ontario work. 
The MMAH is proposing to adopt a model similar to the one used in British Columbia, where a Registered Professional produces designs and a Coordinating Registered Professional coordinates design and field reviews of the Registered Professional. A Certified Professional specialist designation will also be implemented, requiring members to participate in a 12-day training program, pass two eight-hour exams and be “accepted by the municipality as a qualified Certified Professional.” Certified Professionals will then perform design review of the plans and documents prepared by each of the Registered Professionals, and perform inspections “in lieu of those by the municipality.” 
The OAA believes this will add significant red tape, liability and unnecessary duplication to a building approval process that is already not working efficiently or effectively. While the Association will be responding, members are also encouraged to share their feedback on this proposal or any other proposed changes discussed in Transforming and Modernizing the Delivery of Ontario’s Building Code Services. The consultation is only open until this Monday, November 25.