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Internship in Architecture Program (IAP) - Update 2

Important Message for Principals, Supervising Architects, Mentors etc.

The Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities (CALA) as part of its ongoing review announces the following further important changes to the revised IAP scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2012*:

*Note:  The OAA has extended the date upon which the undernoted two changes will take effect to July 1, 2012. Credit will be granted only for experience gained while actively enrolled as an Intern Architect in the IAP or actively enrolled in the IDP in a State or Territory of the USA where IDP is mandatory.   (Internationally Trained Professionals should refer to the revised Appendix B.)   Back-entering of any experience obtained prior to appointment as an Intern Architect will no longer be permitted.  

Reminder:  Commencing January 1, 2012 credit will not be granted for experience gained while a student at a school of architecture.

For a detailed chart of how this may affect you, click here.
For Update 1, July 27, 2011 previously announced changes, click here.  

The revised documents [IAP Manual, Appendix B to the IAP Manual, and the Canadian Experience Record Book] will be available for download in January 2012.  These documents should be read carefully.

 should be directed to: Jessica O'Rafferty, Administrator, Admission, 416-449-6898 Ext. 204; or
Lashmi Ollivierre, Administrative Assistant, Admission, 416-449-6898 Ext. 205.                 

In order to avoid the situation where experience is no longer eligible for credit, the OAA is asking for the assistance of Principals, Supervising Architects, Mentors, etc. in distributing these important changes to Staff where it may be a factor in the acceptance of their experience.