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Increase in Mandatory Professional Liability Limits

Effective January 1, 2016
The Regulations under the Architects Act have been amended to increase the Mandatory Professional Liability Limits. There is no impact on more than 90% of OAA Certificate of Practice Holders. 
To see if your practice is affected by this change, please check the Mandatory Professional Liability Limits Matrix. 

For practices that purchase excess professional liability insurance through an insurer other than Pro-Demnity, please print and complete the Excess Professional Liability Insurance Questionnaire below, and return to Pro-Deminity Insurance Company prior to December 31, 2015. 

The following were noted as significant reasons for the amendment:
  • To ensure our mandate to protect the public continues to be achieved;
  • The OAA Mandatory Insurance Minimums have not been updated in 30 years;
  • In recognition of the change in value of the dollar amount since 1984;
  • The cost of projects and property values have increased since 1984;
  • The increase relates to minimum per claim coverage; and
  • More than 86% of architectural practices are small (with five or less architects).
  • The amendments bring the OAA’s professional liability mandatory insurance program requirements in-line with those of other professionals; i.e.  Lawyers minimum of $1 million, and Chartered Professional Accountants minimum $1 million.

For additional information please contact Pro-Demnity Insurance Company.

Increase in Mandatory Professional Liability Limits Matrix



Excess Professional Liability Insurance Questionnaire

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