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OCTOBER 27, 1949 - JULY 30, 2017

Paul was born in Cornwall, Ontario to Norma Helene Bass and Hugh Alexander Syme. Paul lived well and with integrity until his untimely
death at age 67. He passed in peace at St. Michael’s Hospital on the last Sunday in July. He died surrounded by objects of great comfort, listening to treasured songs, and in the loving company of his wife, Audrey, and his daughter, Clara.
In life Paul held many roles that were important to him and which brought him joy:
Older brother to Ann and Hugh.
Life-partner and best friend to Audrey.
Adored Dad to Clara.
Brother-in-law to Paul, Sandra, and David.
An architect of many spaces - built and unbuilt.
One of the three uncles of the former 3rd Uncle Design Inc.
A teacher, never imposing and always listening, he had formidable patience for those who were earnest in their architectural pursuits.
As a critic he was sharply analytic, yet remained open to the world; his ideas “easily corrupted,” forever intent on learning.
A thoughtful friend, one who valued the lasting presence of those connections.
Committed music appreciator, wine drinker, cheese eater, trail runner, and skier.
The one who would take Rory on her afternoon walk, both such creatures of habit. 
Paul will be deeply missed and continuously loved in his absence. In keeping with Paul’s wishes there will be no funeral or service.