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In Memoriam - Istvan Lendvay

LENDVAY, Istvan, Member of Long Standing, PhD., OAA, FRAIC

On January 6, 2016 in the crisp cold early hours with his family by his side, Istvan peacefully fell asleep for the last time on this earth. The heavens greeted him with a sunrise of clear blue sky dotted with lovely bright pink clouds. He loved the cold, the Arctic and Antarctica, and he chose to depart on such a beautiful morning. In keeping with Istvan’s wish, his funeral will be for family members only. Memorial Donations may be made to Sunnybrook Hospital Foundation, Edmond Odette Cancer Centre, Toronto, directed to Lung Cancer Research.

Istvan Lendvay received his degree in Architectural Engineering in Hungary, a Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto, and a PH .D in Architectural Engineering from the Technical University of Budapest. He became a member of the OAA and RAIC in 1964 and was honored with a fellowship in the national organization in 1985. Istvan was an employee of the Government of Ontario until 1993.

He was elected to the OAA Registration Board in 1981 and served on the Board until its dissolution under the new Architects Act in 1984. Istvan was an active member, in the early 1970s, of the subcommittee of the Ontario Building Code developing the code requirements for the BI classification of institutional buildings. During his years with the government, Istvan provided a strong example of professional leadership and commitment to excellence. In his role as chief architect, he was dedicated to promoting the role of equitable terms of agreement. Istvan played an important role in establishing the standard for Ontario's justice facilities. He is the author of the five volume "Standardization of Justice Buildings." which is a key reference document utilized throughout North America and Europe.

Throughout his career, Istvan has addressed issues related to both the philosophy of criminal punishment and the design of justice facilities through the numerous presentations of papers and appearances as a guest speaker at worldwide conferences. He has continued to work in his field of expertise since retirement from the Government by representing Canada through the External Services Program. Through this program, Istvan has offered assistance to such countries as USA, Hungary, Estonia, Slovak Republic and Russia, by promoting correctional architecture for more humane treatment of inmates.

In addition to his work in this field of justice facilities, Istvan invented the Silensa Building System, which uses basic stocked materials. He has utilized this system, while acting as an advisor to aboriginal communities, to resolve the housing shortages in remote communities through the construction of quality residences by semi-skilled labor.

Istvan Lendvay has always displayed the highest level of professional integrityand has diligently promoted his chosen profession. He has served the Provincial and Federal Government with distinction and given Canada international prestige and recognition.

Speaker Presentations include:

Architects Council of Europe:
I994- A prototype Solution of the justice Buildings
1996- 2000 and Beyond
1998- Back to Security Basic Union of International Architects
1984- The Deficiencies of the Correctional Institutions. Cairo, Egypt
1999- Profess ional Liabilities and Public Protection. Beijing, China
1985- Prefabrica tion of Prisons. AlA, Los Angeles, California
1986- SI LENS A Lendvay Systems. Adelaide, Australia
2002- The Execut ion of the Sentences in the Civil jurisdiction. Havana, Cuba
2003- Home for Return. juriscuba. Havana, Cuba.