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Ground Source Exchange -- a key component to achieving Zero Net Carbon

One of the major components of the Renew + Refresh project is the Ground Source Exchange system (commonly known as geothermal) for 111 Moatfield Drive. The system has undergone improvements as it moves ahead, through concept to testing to implementation.

What is a Ground Source Exchange?
A Ground Source Exchange system utilizes energy extracted from the Earth. The energy extracted maintains a constant temperature year-round allowing for a dependable distribution of heating and cooling irrespective of the climate. This provides a warmer starting point in the winter and a cooler starting point in the summer. 
The benefits of a Ground Source Exchange system are both environmental and financial:
  • By harnessing the heat from the ground, the system reduces the dependence on fossil fuels and therefore the building’s overall carbon footprint.
  • The initial investment of installing the system is offset by the reduction of monthly utility costs. The in-ground piping has a long life and maintenance costs are less expensive as it offsets the need for solar, wind and traditional power sources. 1

The OAA’s System
The OAA HQ will rely on a closed loop system, utilizing a grid of pipe to pump heat transfer fluid through a vertical circuit of underground piping. This is an accessible technology which is one of four “off-the-shelf” components required to create the full system:
  1. Ground Source Exchange
  2. PV solar panels
  3. High insulation
  4. High air tightness