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Get Involved on OAA Council

Council Vacancies for the 2016-2018 Term

Get involved in a volunteer leadership role with the OAA

Volunteering and being elected to serve on Council offers many rewards. It’s your opportunity to share your expertise and learn in depth about other aspects of the profession, regulation, the association’s structure, as well as numerous programs and services. It’s a chance to gain a wealth of information, give back to and influence the future of the profession.

There are a full range of opportunities. Your level of involvement depends on your interest and availability. Volunteer hours may include attending meetings, seminars & industry events, hands-on work, advocacy and outreach. Architects who sit on Council are looked to for their knowledge and expertise.

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding experience that will make a difference to the profession, joining OAA Council may be the opportunity you are looking for. You may also wish to encourage another member to join Council. Please contact your local Council representative for more information on the exciting opportunity service presents.

There will be five (5) vacancies on Council. 

Councilors sit for a three (3) year term.The terms commence on January 1, 2016 and end December 31, 2018. 

The vacancies for this year’s elections are:

1 vacancy for the Eastern Ontario Electoral District;

1 vacancy for the Northern Ontario Electoral District;

1 vacancy for the Western Ontario Electoral District;

1 vacancy for the City of Toronto Electoral District; and

1 vacancy for the Province of Ontario Electoral District.

The Members of Council whose terms expire on December 31, 2015 are:          

Anthony Sproul                             Eastern Ontario

Brad Green                                       Northern Ontario                       

J. William Birdsell                           Western Ontario

Vanessa Fong                                  City of Toronto

John Stephenson                            Province of Ontario

Please use this time to decide if you wish to serve.You may encourage another member to join Council; please use this time to verify that your intended nominee wishes to serve. 

Nomination forms will be e-mailed to each Member on or before October 5. Nomination Forms must be submitted pursuant to the instructions on the webpage on or before October 26.