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Design Vanguard 2017: Uufie

Architectural Record

Alex Klimoski

December 1, 2017

Since establishing the design and architecture studio Uufie in 2009, Irene Gardpoit, 38, and Eiri Ota, 37, have undertaken an eclectic mix of commissions around the world, from an apartment renovation in Tokyo to the atrium design for the Paris department store Printemps. Their most recent project, an outdoor installation at the University of Toronto, where Gardpoit received a B.Arch, comprises over 100 security mirrors arranged in a ring on the ground in a historic courtyard. The piece is called Wa-Wa after the Japanese concept of Wa, which connotes a peaceful unity. “It was a subtle way to create spontaneity,” says Gardpoit. “People see these objects that appear like water droplets, and they become curious about the site.”