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Council Update

May 5, 2015 meeting

2015 Society Special Funding

A record number of Society Special Funding requests were reviewed by Council at the May meeting. Council acknowledges the increased level of public awareness and advocacy activities being undertaken at the local level. OAA Council approved funding to a number of timely projects and Societies will be notified officially over the next few days. The remainder of requests have been directed back to the Communications Committee to review and bring back to Council at the June meeting.

OAA Headquarters Building

The OAA Headquarters Building Renovation and Refresh project was reaffirmed by Council at the May meeting and more specifically gives consideration to a project that can feasibly achieve the prescribed goals and that these goals be achieved incrementally, in whole or in part, over a time frame as yet to be determined. Accordingly, Council has directed the Building Committee and consultant team to reconsider the project in accordance with four specific Implementation Options that involve a range of approaches in relation to reaching the stated goals and report back to Council with details for each scenario. The Committee will also undertake an Option Study including a Peer Review Mechanical Consultant, and Financial Consultant to review the net present value analysis of the options in order to provide a second opinion in respect to its conclusions. The study will be presented to Council at its September meeting together with a report on the present interior fit-up project in comparison to an alternative, more ambitious approach.

Safe Workplaces Initiative

Council approved a number of initiatives recommended by the Safe Workplace Task Group including OAA News stories, a Practice Tip, as well as ConEd for 2016 aimed at providing information and constructive advice for architectural practices with respect to creating safe workplaces.

Pro-Demnity Shareholders Annual Meeting

OAA Council, as the sole shareholder of Pro-Demnity Insurance Company, reviewed the items for business that will be coming forward at the Shareholders Annual Meeting which is scheduled for June 17, 2015. Council will be prepared to vote accordingly based on that review and discussion.

Clean Economy Alliance – OAA Involvement

Council approved the recommendation of the Sustainable Built Environment Committee (SBEC), to join the Clean Economy Alliance. This group aligns with the mandate of SBEC and the OAA’s support for the movement toward a green economy.

Next Council Meeting

The next Council meeting will take place on Thursday, June 18, at OAA Headquarters. Members are welcome to attend the open session. Please RSVP to Tina Carfa if you plan to attend.