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Council Highlights: June 19, 2019 Meeting

The most recent meeting of the OAA Council was held on Wednesday, June 19, and marked the return to 111 Moatfield Drive, with the Association’s Headquarters now largely completing its Renew+Refresh renovation project. The event included updates from various OAA Committees as well as a presentation from Andrew Davies of No. 9 Contemporary Art & the Environment, who shared how the OAA’s recent sponsorship of the Imagining My Sustainable City (IMSC) Program helped bring architecture concepts to high school students. 

Here is a brief rundown of some of the major highlights that occurred. 

Update from OAA Building Committee

While sitting in their new, revitalized meeting space, members of Council were provided with an update on the Headquarters Renew + Refresh project. OAA staff and operations returned fully to the building on June 4, with final finishing and deficiencies being addressed at this time. Architect David Fujiwara and the OAA’s client representative, Sheena Sharp, were currently reviewing final changes and costing, with a view to presenting final numbers to the Building Committee in the coming week. 

The artwork program and installation will be reconsidered by the Building Committee over the summer months. Application of bird-friendly measures will also be considered once the renovation is complete. The Committee will be discussing a capital maintenance plan moving forward in the near future. The grand re-opening of the building is planned for early fall. 

Education Continuum Committee

At the previous Council meeting in May, the Continuing Education Committee was sunset to make way for the establishment of the new Education Continuum Committee. Its mandate is to oversee and respond to matters related to the entire spectrum of education. It encompasses primary and secondary education to higher education, followed by internship, licensure and the various phases of practice and finally concluding with retirement. 

In accordance with the Terms of Reference, three members of Council are to be part of this group, one being the Senior Vice President & Treasurer who will chair the Committee. Additionally, the Committee will be populated with members-at-large. (A call for indications of interest from the membership has since been issued.). It was decided the OAA President would also serve on the committee, and a larger collection of Councillors would participate as a temporary Working Group over the summer to help the new Committee cement its role. 

Special Project Funding

Following consultation by the Communications Committee, Council approved the recommendations for the allocation of the final round (i.e. May 29 deadline) of the 2019 Special Project Funding (SPF) requests from the Local Architectural Societies, which were invited to submit proposals for consideration. 

The program is intended to help the Societies carry out projects or events that further the objective of the OAA and the profession as a whole, including engagement with the general public. The total funding allocation for this second and final round has been distributed, with the recipients being notified shortly. Information and complete details of the funding allocation and activities will also be posted to the Local Architectural Societies page of the OAA Website later this month. Confirmation will also be sent directly to the local society chairs who had submitted applications. (To see previous SPF allocations, click here.) 

Sponsorship for Talks Related to Canadian Modern Architecture, 1967 to Present

Council approved the Communications Committee’s request to offer $10,000 Platinum Sponsorship for a series of panel discussions and lectures in three Ontario cities in conjunction with the launch of the book, Canadian Modern Architecture, 1967 to the Present (Princeton Architectural Press, November 2019), co-edited by Elsa Lam, editor of Canadian Architect, and Graham Livesey, professor at the University of Calgary. It is the first comprehensive review of Canadian architecture in many years, and prominently features the work of many Ontario architects and architecture in Ontario since 1967. 

The OAA will use the opportunity to ensure tickets to the events are made available to the general public and that a welcoming speaker can also share information about the architecture policy for Canada initiative. 

Appointment to the Committee for the Examination for Architects in Canada

Council moved to accept the appointment of Councillor Jeffrey Laberge as the OAA’s representative to the Committee for the Examination for Architects in Canada (CExAC) for a three-year term effective January 1, 2020. The term of service for the current representative, Toon Dreessen, is ending in accordance with the ExAC protocol agreement between the members of the Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities (CALA).