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Council Highlights: December 13, 2019 Meeting

On Friday, December 13, OAA Council held a meeting at the Association’s Headquarters in Toronto. This marked the end of the term for five Councillors—Immediate Past-President John Stephenson, Vice President Regulatory Mélisa Audet, Senior Vice President and Treasurer Walter Derhak, Vice President Practice David Sin, Magid Youssef and Intern Architect (non-voting seat) Alberto Temprano.

The meeting also gave Councillors an opportunity to deal with numerous priority and agenda items. Here is a brief rundown of some of the major highlights that occurred. 

Results from Member Survey

Eight years after the 2011 OAA Member Survey, the Association engaged the services of Framework Partners to administer and tabulate the results of a web-based survey, which ran in the fall. Member participation was critical as the results will help the OAA better understand its membership's demographics and needs, thereby charting the direction of programs and services. All completed online surveys went directly to Framework, with their results aggregated. (Individual responses were kept strictly confidential.)

Alec Milne, a principal with Framework, presented some of the major findings to Council, including very positive news with respect to increases in general satisfaction among the membership over the last eight years. More information on the results of the survey will be shared with Council at its February strategy planning session and will also be made available to the membership in the new year. Additionally, the OAA Survey of Practices will be launched on January 14. 

Proposed Changes to the National Building Codes

With the federal government proposing 72 changes to the National Building Code, National Plumbing Code and National Fire Code, the OAA’s Sub-Committee on Building Codes and Regulation (SCOBCAR) met on November 15 and 22 to review the revisions and updates, which are expected to significantly influence the content of future editions to the Ontario Building Code. SCOBCAR’s proposed submission was shared for Council’s information, and final direction to submit the Committee’s comments was given. 

2020 OAA Conference: Tours and ConEd

Council approved the roster of tours—both technical and recreational—as well as the slate of Continuing Education sessions for next year’s OAA Conference, which will be held at Hotel X and the Beanfield Centre in Toronto from May 27 to 29. The goal was to ensure a balance of courses centred around design, sustainability, business, technical information, legal aspects and case studies. 

Appointments to OAA Committees

Council approved the appointment of member volunteers to various OAA Committees, as well as a number of re-appointments to ensure continuity. In accordance with its policy regarding female representation on OAA Committees, Council aimed for composition proportional to the number of women who are members of the Association.

The following OAA members have been appointed for three-year terms, unless otherwise stated. 

Complaints Committee
Stewart N. Adams
Jose M. Castel-Branco (one year)
Donata Delano
Isabelle Massicotte
Reza Sadeghi

Discipline Committee
Rick Bruynson
Eddie Edmundson

Experience Requirements Committee (ERC)
Monica Aggarwal
Suzanne Graham
Giuseppe Iozzo

Registration Committee
Brigitte Ng

Practice Resource Committee
David Colussi
Sara Jordao (two year)
Wendy Yu

George Christoff
Kelly Yang Jin

Sustainable Built Environments Committee (SBEC)
Mae Shaban
Erik Skouris
Geoff Turnbull

Policy Advocacy Coordination Team (PACT)
Toon Dreessen

Communications Committee
Carl Knipfel
Joël León
Arezoo Talebzadeh

Interns Committee
Diane Schunk
Saman Solemiani-Deilamani

Next meeting

The next regular meeting of the OAA Council, and its first of 2020, will be held at the OAA Headquarters on Thursday, January 23. At the event, the election of officers—including the President and Vice Presidents—will take place for the coming year. Members are welcome to attend the open meeting, and should send their RSVP to Tina Carfa.