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Council Highlights

November 5, 2015

At the November 5 meeting Council dealt with the following priority agenda items:

Draft 2016 Budget Approved

The focus on the November Council meeting is traditionally review and approval of the OAA’s general operating and capital budgets. The OAA Sr. Vice President and members of the Budget Committee presented a balanced budget for Council’s consideration. Council approved the budget for 2016. The financial cycle begins December 1, 2016.

As part of the budget discussion, Council approved an inflationary increase based on the anticipated 2015 Cost of Living increase for Ontario. This follows five years of no increases. Council felt that this was a fiscally responsible decision to maintain the value of the programs and services the OAA delivers to its members.  This is also made necessary by Council’s decision to expand services to members in the policy/advocacy and continuing education areas.

Members of Long Standing

Council is pleased to recognize the following architects as Members of Long Standing signifying 50 years of membership as a licensed architect in Ontario – a truly remarkable achievement! 

Joseph A. Bogdan Architect
A.J. Diamond  Architect
Milton Katz  Architect
Morris Melamed  Architect
Barry Leonard Padolsky Architect
Allan D. Rae  Architect

These individuals will be formally recognized during next years’ annual general meeting in May.

Life Members

The following individuals have been appointed Life Members of the Association by the Council.

John Abel
Cameron C. Ridsdale
Robert C.L. Chan
Gerald Sheff
Feridoun Choubak
Taizo Shinkoda
Frank J. Kirst
Paul M. Skinner
David Lienert
Alastair G. Speirs
Lenard B. McQuarrie
Edward Tabachnik
Wolfgang G. Mohaupt
Christopher Tossell
Arvind Narale
Norman A. Wright
M. Kenan Ozdamar
Haroutioun Yaghjian

OAA Interiors Study Presentation

Beverly Horii, OAA, of Interior Architecture (IA) presented her study on space planning/interiors of 111 Moatfield. The study’s objective was to determine the best use of the interior space of the OAA Building as a component of the larger building renovation project. The report was received by Council.

OAA Web Library Presentation

Practice Advisor, Brian Aitken made a presentation to Council on behalf of the Web Library Task Group for the framework for development of an ‘Architects Resources Library' (Web Library). The Web Library is envisioned as an everyday tool for OAA architectural practices. Council received the presentation and will forward its questions to the Task
Group later this week.

Local Societies Workshop

The Local Societies Workshop Report was presented at the Council meeting. The report summarizes the discussions had as part of September’s Local Societies – OAA Council Workshop, and will be used as part of the strategic planning session of Council. Staff is currently setting up a plan to address a number of items in the report. Click here to read the report.

Next Council Meeting

The next Council meeting will take place on Friday, December 11, at OAA Headquarters. Members are welcome to attend the open session. Please RSVP to Tina Carfa if you plan to attend.