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Council Highlights - November 3, 2016 Meeting

A meeting of the Council was held on November 3, 2016 at the OAA Headquarters Building.  The following priority agenda items were dealt with:  
Council approves 2017 Budget 
The November meeting of OAA Council is traditionally set aside for the review, discussion and approval of the ‘annual budget’. On behalf of the OAA Budget Committee, the Senior Vice President & Treasurer presented the draft 2017 general activities and operating budget. 
After discussion and debate Council approved a balanced budget including an allocation of $100,000 to the operating reserve. The OAA’s financial year begins December 1, 2016. Council has approved a fee increase based on the anticipated 2016 cost of living increase for Ontario of 2.1% in order to continue to maintain and support programs and services to members. Council also approved the 2017 OAA Capital Budget. 
Members of Long Standing
Council is pleased to recognize the following architects as Members of Long Standing signifying 50 years of membership as a licensed architect in Ontario – a truly remarkable achievement!  
Julian J. Trasiewicz will be formally recognized during next years’ annual general meeting in May as a member of Long Standing.
Life Members
The following individuals have been appointed Life Members of the Association by the Council.
Ernesto Bianco
George B. Challies
Edward J. Cuhaci
Levente B. Danko
Jacob Fichten
Peter Y.F. Ip
Stephen V. E. Irwin
Kikuko Kawagishi
John H. Knibb
James J. Koyanagi
Liow-Her Lin
Mimmo A. Lostracco
Paul G. Martel
Peter D. McLaren
Robert Moskovic
Harry A. Pellow
I. Hillel Roebuck
Mary Rose
Sheldon D. Rosen
Edgardo V. Santos
Robert E. Steele
S.A. Stefanison
W.R. White
James B. Wilkinson
Revised Terms of Reference – Construction Contract Administration Committee
Council approved amendments to the OAA’s Construction Contract Administration (CCAC) as well as a name change for the Committee to the ‘Project Administration Resource Committee’ (PARC). Based on the success of the CCAC in developing resource materials for members and practices in the realm of contract administration, Council supported the change to allow the newly named PARC to undertake to produce support material for the Construction Documents and Procurement phases under its mandate.  
RAIC Proposal to Update CHOP
Council considered a proposal to update the Canadian Handbook of Practice (CHOP) that had been presented by the RAIC a few weeks prior to the Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities (CALA). As the organization responsible for the CHOP the RAIC has outlined the details relative to process, schedule and cost to update and re-publish the CHOP on an electronic platform. OAA Council approved the proposal in principle and has set aside funding in 2017 to contribute to the cost in order to ensure that OAA members have access to the profession’s most important resource document. 
National Subcommittee to further work of the National Validation Conference
Council approved the proposal to establish a subcommittee of the CACB National Standing Committee to address the next step in the process of dealing with the National Validation Report. The mandate of the subcommittee is to establish a mechanism to study the future of architecture and education. The subcommittee will complete its work and report to the members of the Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities at the May 2017 CALA meeting in Ottawa.  
Appointment to CExAC 
OAA Council reappointed Toon Dreessen as the Ontario representative to the National Committee for the Examination for Architects in Canada.
2017 OAA/RAIC Festival of Architecture Continuing Education Roster
OAA Council approved the proposed roster of education sessions for the 2017 OAA/RAIC Festival of Architecture. The Festival will be held in Ottawa May 24 – 27 hosted jointly by the OAA and RAIC. A committee comprised of OAA and RAIC representatives considered over 100 submissions in response to the recent Call for Presenters. Next year’s conference will feature over 70 sessions presented by professionals from across North America and will cover a wide variety of topics.