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Council Highlights - November 2, 2017

A meeting of the Council was held on November 2, 2017 at the OAA’s temporary Headquarters located at 1 Duncan Mill Road, Toronto. 
The following priority agenda items were dealt with:  
Council approves 2018 Budget 
The Senior Vice President and Treasurer, on behalf of the Budget Committee presented the draft 2018 general activities and operating budget as well as the capital budget. 
After some debate and minor revisions to the draft that had been presented, Council approved a balanced budget which included a transfer of specified amounts into the capital, operating and legal reserves.  The OAA’s new financial year begins December 1, 2017.  Council approved an inflationary increase (1.8%) based on the anticipated 2018 Consumer Price Index for Ontario which will be reflected in individual and practice 2018 Online Renewal Invoices. 
Members of Long Standing
Council is pleased to recognize the following architects as Members of Long Standing signifying 50 years of membership as a licensed architect in Ontario!!

James R. Evans Peter Favot
Blandford G. Gates Donald J. Bielesch
These members will be formally recognized during next year’s annual general meeting in May as a Member of Long Standing.

Life Members
The following individuals have been appointed Life Members of the Association by the Council.

Robert I. Blache-Fraser Frank J. Pastor
John Shields Bowron William Douglas Richardson
Kenneth John Cochrane  M.J. Tim Tory
Samir (Sam) Dewairy  John A.H. Vanstone
Avelino H. Dulatas  Don Vetere
Gerald L. Heeringa  Donald A. Voisey
A.R. Kaderali  Christopher Wzacny
Jerome Markson  Richard D. Young
Kristine L. Martin  

OAA Challenge Program – Communications Plan underway!
In order to move ahead with changes to the OAA’s Awards Program, Council approved a work plan and budget as presented by the Vice President Communications to develop the new Challenge Program and communicate it effectively to the membership and beyond during the launch which is anticipated to take place at the 2018 OAA Conference.  
An outside Consultant will be working with an advisory group tasked with:
  • Recommendation on a subject 
  • Recommendation as to what would constitute an application and who would be eligible to apply
  • A means by which to identify subject experts from the jury

OAA Website Review - 2018 
As part of the approval of the OAA Budget, Council approved Phase 1 of the 2018 the Website Review Project.  
The following are the key priorities and goals to be addressed in the Website Redesign Project: 
Accessibility Standards
Update the Website to ensure Accessibility Standards are met by 2020/21 (this timeframe being in-line with AODA’s Communication Guidelines for websites to be all accessible by 2021). Work will begin as development rolls out using the Graphic Standards from the
Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario together with the designer and developer for the site. 
Content Management System
Update the system to increase efficiency and align with design standards. The CMS currently used is 10 years old; it has limitations and is cumbersome for updating the current site. 
Public vs. Member Information Structure
Restructure the site to better meet the objectives of member support and public awareness; to create a clear organization between public and member content. The Microsite will also be part of this discussion as to how it fits into the overall web strategy. 
Content Audit + Technology Review
Audit to create a framework for the modifications to the site and in anticipation of future technologies, platforms and social media (e.g. apps, links, platforms [Smart phone]) to best inform the specification for the redesign. 
Audit and modifications necessary to implement the changes required and ensure the accessibility standards are built in to the design. 
Bilingual Content Assess the design of a bilingual Website.
Work will be underway shortly!

Venice Biennale 2018
The OAA will once again be sponsoring the Canadian entry for the Venice Biennale which will kick off in May 2018 in Venice, Italy.  This year’s entry UNCEDED: Voices of the Land which is being led by Douglas Cardinal, Gerald McMaster and David Fortin.  OAA Council welcomed the opportunity to support this initiative which will increase the visibility of Indigenous architecture and its ingenuity on the world stage raising public awareness to celebrate its richness, diversity and excellence both here and abroad. 
Housing Affordability Task Group
As a result of a recent roundtable of members hosted at the OAA Council has approved the establishment of a Housing Affordability Task Group which will continue the work on the OAA on this important file.  The ultimate goal is to produce a paper that explores universal regulatory fixes to address the issue of housing affordability, the types of sites that can/should be rezoned as-of-right, and that includes a study of building types and changes to built form.
BEAT Leadership Series
The OAA Council is also pleased to approve support for the 2018 annual Leadership Seminar being hosted by Building Equality in Architecture Tomorrow (BEAT).This year's seminar is scheduled for January 20, 2018, and will follow a similar format as last year and will again showcase speakers from large to small firms, academics and related professions from across the province. 
Efforts to further the recommendations from the National Validation Conference
Council approved the establishment of a working group in order to prepare a proposal on behalf of the OAA to inform the work of the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) Standing Committee relative to the experience requirements of the Internship in Architecture Program (IAP) with a four month mandate.  A terms of reference for the group will be presented at the December Council meeting for approval.